Sandy Kosmin, M.S.S., L.C.S.W.

Phone: (610) 832-0627

Email:  sandykos883@gmail.com

Welcome!  I hope that this website will help you in your decision about starting therapy.  Psychotherapy is a process of exploring, learning, making choices, increasing awareness of feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and honing discernment skills.  The growth that arises from these processes can help you feel and carry out more of a sense of agency and empowerment in your life. 

Therapy offers a collaborative place for you to explore what is meaningful for you.  My approach helps bring about desired change by focusing on how to integrate your inner and outer life.  We will seek to learn how the issues that concern you came about, what they mean, what keeps them in place and what is needed to make changes.  This method of working goes beyond treating symptoms and offers a way to make changes that are reliable and lasting.  Humor and creativity, when appropriate, can expand our perspective.  The experience of therapy can enhance your self-esteem and sense of connectedness to others.

I help people with depression, anxiety, disconnection from self and others, a wish for more self-knowledge, and shame and fear that prevent living a fuller life.  In accepting core emotions, people can develop a more authentic and compassionate relationship with themselves and others.  I often work with highly sensitive people, helping them to draw on their intuitive skills.

When you learn to listen to yourself more fully, your increased awareness helps you to activate your strengths and resources to support growth and healing.  This applies to individual, couples and family therapy.

Taking the step to begin psychotherapy is a significant move toward self-care and desired changes.

Therapy can help you:

  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Take action to increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in relationships.
  • Adjust to major life changes.
  • Improve depressed mood.
  • Feel less anxious.
  • Gain support to identify and express feelings.
  • Enhance your parenting skills.  
  • Manage stress more effectively. 
  • Increase problem-solving skills.

I work often with people who are coping with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Excessive worry   
  • Disconnection from self and others
  • Feelings of shame that present obstacles to self-expression or trying new experiences
  • Relationship Concerns 
  • Loss and grief
  • Past or recent trauma  
  • Chronic health issues 
  • Eating Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Problems ranging from specific emotional and relationship difficulties to a general sense of being dissatisfied and wanting a fuller life.


I offer to integrate psychotherapy with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practice to focus on the “felt sense” of emotions, dilemmas, transitions, obstacles, joyful aspects of life, or losses.

Mindfulness practice can bring our attention to a myriad of sensations in the body – such as tension, calm, vagueness, sharpness, lightness, heaviness, or constricted breathing, to name just a few.  Tapping into this felt sense can help us to become aware of various emotional states connected to the felt sense, such as clarity, confusion, impatience, self-judgement, fear, anger, or contentment.  Often, we avoid dealing with important  challenges, because there are unpleasant feelings associated with facing those challenges.  Mindfulness practice in a therapeutic context can help increase the ability to sense into uncomfortable feelings in a skillful way.  The skills developed through practicing in this way include greater acceptance, patience, compassion, increased discernment of what is important to us, and the capacity to act on this knowledge.